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China textile trade to Brazil continues to heat up

Social business Oct. 30 hearing of Brazil's textile and garment export trade good prospects for the next 2 to 4 years between the World Cup and the Olympic Games will also provide rare market opportunity for clothing foreign trade of Brazil. In recent years, Brazil has become highly concerned about the export market of China's foreign trade exhibitors and the base of "going out" strategy. Brazilian apparel textile market, political stability, rich resources, huge investment plans, continued growth of consumption and income advantages, there are still a lot of demand for space in the terms of trade, investment and infrastructure construction.


China textile trade to Brazil continues to heat up


In 2001, bilateral trade is only $ 3.7 billion, has reached $ 84.2 billion in 2011, an average annual growth of 36.7%, higher than the same period in China's foreign trade growth rate of 15 percent. The bilateral trade accounted for the proportion of China's total foreign trade increased from 0.7% to 2.3%. Brazil's total economic output of $ 2.49 trillion in 2011, replaced Britain as the world's sixth largest economy, jumped to $ 12,800 per capita GDP, has entered the ranks of high-income countries. Active in the domestic consumer market, the imports average annual growth of 15.1%, China vigorously explore emerging markets. At present, China's exports to the Brazilian machinery and equipment, industrial parts, capital goods and intermediate goods, become an indispensable factor in Brazil's industrial production and industrial upgrading. The grim situation of the poor in the current international economic climate, Brazil and China as the BRIC countries, the rapid development of the country still under the impact of the economic crisis, and the Brazilian market demand increasing, especially in the Brazil has been active in organizing the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 summer Olympics, the construction of infrastructure and consumer demand is about to bring a huge market opportunity for machinery and equipment, building materials, textiles, garments and light industrial products competitive industries.


China textile trade to Brazil continues to heat up